Thursday, November 18, 2010

YOW-YUL, from bureau to art

Whirlwindish tour through Ottawa and Montreal. Arrived at the former to have an update meeting on The Land We Are editing project for the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, and this aft off to see the Sobey awards in Mont, with kamloops hopeful Brendan Tang a strong contender for the $50k prize for young visual artists in the country. Had hoped to meet with sshrc officials about a partnership grant proposal but scheduling didn't work out, so that meetup now deferred to a teleconference sometime next week.
On VIA in an hour for the sobey/mont visit, then back to bc on Friday to connect more on the p'ship grant options, pre-Australia, which is where much of the planning will occur.

Ashok Mathur
Canada Research Chair in Cultural & Artistic Inquiry
Thompson Rivers University
Kamloops, BC


aSza said...

Hi Ashok
Beautiful place, Canada. I was published in a literary magazine that also published you. I don't suppose you have a copy? I need to add this to my documentation to confirm my Naturalized Citizenship. I think the magazine was called BY THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH. If you know anything about this. It would really be great. Thanks. aSza hounsou

Ashok Mathur (Director, CiCAC) said...

i edited a special issue of the calgary lit journal 'absinthe' back in 1993 called 'the skin on our tongues' if that's what you mean. Send your contact info if this is what you're looking for.